WFVP Radio Shows

Welcome WFVP Radio

Welcome back to the Golden Age of Radio. Sit back, close your eyes, and let us whisk you away to the 1920s through 1950s with our talented cast of voice actors and actresses — not on a radio itself, but on our main stage.

2020 WFVP Radio Show Performance Dates:

Click here for the details of the December 4th, 2020 Performance.

Several times each season The Fenton Village Players hold auditions for our mainstay WFVP Radio shows. Actors spend several weeks rehearsing scripts and the dialects of old-time radio dramas.

Our talented casts perform these radio shows as if they were actually in the recording studio complete with period clothing and the signature page drop of the era (It was custom for actors to let their loose-leaf scripts fall to the floor rather than risk the rustling of page turns to ruin the immersion.)

These shows are one-time only Sunday matinees that we offer completely free of charge to our patrons, along with, and we mean not to brag, our much lauded offering of complimentary cookies and sweets.

WFVP Auditions

As with practically all of our shows, our auditions are open to the public. This is a great opportunity for new participants to get involved — either as actors or as part of our sound crew (we typically use real life practical sound effects.)

Audition schedules are light — typically a couple of hours one night a week — and offer a great chance for those with limited schedules who can't commit to a main stage show to participate in our community theatre.

Auditions for WFVP Radio shows are generally 4-6 weeks before each of our major performances. There are several ways to be informed of upcoming WFVP auditions: