The audition date of July 11 (7pm) for WFVP’S radio show, THE MALTESE FALCON, has been confirmed. We will be rehearsing for a couple of hours on Monday nights, (7pm) with a dress rehearsal the day before the show. I guess I should mention the show date is Sunday, August 28, 2:00 pm!

Anyone who loves classic movies knows the story of THE MALTESE FALCON. There are 11 male characters in this show and 4 female characters (this includes announcers, hosts, actors and commercial actors – we do the old commercials, too). Instead of having 11 guys show up (like that’s ever going to happen 😉 ) we need guys who can come up with different voices, accents and tones to portray other characters. That’s why acting in these shows is so much fun. You get to really stretch yourself, and you don’t have to memorize! We would, however like to use 4 different women, since women usually got the shaft as far as numbers in these shows. Two of the women are actual characters in the show and the other 2 will be doing the commercials (and maybe even a couple of guys parts, as well).

We also need a foley (sound fx) person to be behind our foley table. This is a very important part of our classic radio shows, and very fun to do. People always seem to watch the foley person, so you’re going to need some stage presence and some quick reflexes.

This is always such a fun event and FREE to the public. Please contact us with any questions!