Early One Evening at the Rainbow Bar & Grille by Bruce Graham

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Audition Dates

August 1, 2 - More info pending

Show Times

First Week

September 15, 16, 17 @ 7pm
September 18 @ 2pm (Matinee)

Second Week

September 23, 24 @ 7pm
September 25 @ 2pm (Matinee)

More Info

Type: Dark Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Author(s): Bruce Graham

Synopsis of Early One Evening at the Rainbow Bar and Grille

From Samuel French,

This [Early One Evening at the Rainbow Bar and Grille] is a wonderful, off beat variation on the saloon situation comedy. Nuclear bombs have destroyed much of the U.S. and various denizens of this working class bar are trying to decide what to do. Enter a traveling salesman who turns out to be is God, come to offer the bartender immortality if he will write a new Bible and get it right this time.

Production Staff

Director — Mary Smith Powers

Producer - Pam Buerger



SHEP — Greg Peasel

ROY — Matt Osterberg

WILLY — Steven Shelton

BULLARD — Ron Barrett

SHIRLEY — Carla Feamster

VIRGINIA — Ashley Cremonte

JOE — Ryan Particka