Murder Mystery Traveling Theatre

Murder Mysteries are an interactive, traveling troupe of Fenton Village Players. Any current member can join. Local businesses and organizations can request our presence for an event. Do you want our Murder Mystery Troupe at your next event? Continue reading to learn how.

The What

Murder Mysteries are interactive events, often centered around a dinner.  Audiences are intimately involved and help shape each show. No murder mystery is alike. Traditionally, the audience is there to help solve the murder.  They learn clues by watching brief scenes as well as asking all the suspects/actors questions that will help bring the murderer closer to justice.

Our mysteries are comedic in nature making them appropriate for a variety of events and venues.

The Where

We perform at nearly any venue. The Fenton Playhouse may also be rented for a reasonable fee. Regardless of where you have us, we will find a mystery that fits the venue perfectly.

The Cost

Most of the time our mysteries are for fund raising. So we try and ask as little as possible. We ask clients to pay for script rights and the cost of venue. We also offer to have the mystery at our theater with a reasonable fee.

Murder Mysteries are a lot of fun for actors and guests a like. We want the show to be interactive and try and get everybody in attendance to be a part of the magic.

For questions or to request the FVP Murder Mystery Troupe come to your next gathering, please contact us.