Elegies: A Song Cycle


“The ending is not the story.”

One piano and five voices come together to tell the stories of 22 real people that are in some way a part of composer William Finn’s life. Each story is unique, just as every life that they represent is unique. From Korean restaurant owners, to a New York lawyer, to a man obsessed with chickens, to a son struggling with the grief of losing his mother, to a husband and wife saying goodbye, Elegies gives us permission to look at grief and death through the eyes of hope. The message of this story is simple, but profound- “the ending is not the story”. The ensemble will strive to convey the stories and lives that these people lived, and will cause the audience in response to look at their lives and the impact that they will have on the world around them, because “life has infinite joy.”

Performances: May 2nd – 4th @7:00pm, and May 5th @2.00pm


Daniel Ragan – William Finn

Tammy Robison – Barbara Finn

Brooke Caldwell – Ensemble

Chris Vitarelli – Ensemble

Payton Kozak – Ensemble


Director – Brooke Caldwell

Pianist – Emily Craw