Comedy Night with Billy Hoffman, Connie Ettinger, and JR Williams

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  • March 9th - 8pm


  • Stage: Main Stage
  • Rating: R
  • Genre: Comedy Show

2018 Comedy Night

Join us for a night of comedy fun at the Fenton Village Playhouse featuring the comedic talents of Billy Hoffman, Connie Ettinger, and JR Williams. Click the link in the sidebar to purchase tickets online.


Billy Hoffman
A former magician who has dropped the props and prestidigitation for a life behind the mic. Billy's stand up is biting and topical leaving no safe spaces for ANYTHING or ANYONE. Billy Hoffman has earned standing ovations from many Fortune 500 clients and Universities across the nation. If you want to laugh your ass off and feel a little naughty while doing it, make sure Billy Hoffman is the one on your stage.

JR Williams
JR Williams fell into comedy in 2014 carrying a baby in one arm and a microphone in his other hand. Now the self described “Effective Parent” of four travels the midwest using his “everyday dad” demeanor to vent about why he’s glad his kids are gullible, why he loves being an immature husband, and everything he hates about you and your kids.
JR’s jokes make him relatable to people from all walks of life. His witty one liners and warped sense of humor about his life in small town northern Michigan leave crowds in stitches and wanting more. When he isn’t putting on his own shows or featuring for some great headliners. You can find him at home in his blue leather recliner, asleep, because being married and having four kids is exhausting.

Connie Ettinger
What do you get when you cross a farm girl with a former partner in a major Detroit law firm? And what on earth was the State Bar of Michigan thinking in 1980 when they issued this woman a license to practice law? And why should you always use your cup holder when buying coffee at McDonalds’? And when will the road construction ever end? These and other questions will be answered when you discover the comic musings of Connie Ettinger. A self-styled “recovering lawyer,” Connie’s outlook on life pairs the seemingly divergent aspects of a small town upbringing with life in the legal fast lane and creates a sardonic view of matters ranging from the uncertainties of puberty to the absurdities of our justice system.

Stupid people, beware! She has no tolerance for their antics which bring the legal system (and freeways and grocery check out lines) to a maddeningly slow crawl. Her engaging, animated delivery on a variety of topics from “ladies’ nights out” to those who would not think twice about taking a hair dryer into the shower will draw the audience, regardless of background, age or sex, into a shared appreciation of life’s little ironies, guaranteeing that a good time will be had by all.

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Fenton Village Playhouse Comedy Night March 9th, 2018