CASTING CALL: Death of a Salesman

DATES: Monday February 20 and Tuesday February 21

TIME: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

LOCATION: Fenton Village Playhouse, 14197 Torrey Rd, Fenton MI

The story revolves around the last days of Willy Loman, a failing salesman. Through a series of tragic soul-searching revelations of the life he has lived, we discover how his quest for the “American Dream” kept him blind to the people who truly loved him. A work that remains one of the most profound classic dramas of the American theatre.

Directed by Joseph Mishler and produced by Mary Powers, auditions are open to everyone. You will read selections from the script.

The characters are:

Willy Loman –  Age range – 50-60’s. An insecure, self-deluded traveling salesman who believes in the American Dream of easy success and wealth, but never achieves it.

Biff Loman –  Age range-30’s. Willy’s elder son. Biff led a charmed life in high school as a football star but failed math and did not graduate. He has been fired from every job that he has held. He fails to reconcile his life with Willy’s expectations of him.

Linda Loman –  Age range – 40-60’s. Willy’s loyal, loving wife who suffers through Willy’s grandiose dreams and self-delusions. Her emotional strength and perseverance support Willy until his collapse.

Happy Loman –  Age range late 20’s-30’s. Willy’s younger son. Happy has lived in Biff’s shadow all of his life, and represents Willy’s sense of self-importance, ambition, and blind servitude to societal expectations.

Charley – Age range 50’s plus. Willy’s next-door neighbor. Charley owns a successful business and his son, Bernard, is a wealthy, important lawyer. Willy is jealous of Charley’s success.

Bernard – Age range 30’s. Bernard is Charley’s son and a successful lawyer. Although Willy used to mock Bernard for studying hard, his success is difficult for Willy to accept because his own sons do not measure up.

Ben –  Age range 60’s plus. Willy’s wealthy older brother. Ben has recently died and appears only in Willy’s “daydreams.” Willy regards Ben as a symbol of the success that he so desperately craves.

The Woman –  Age range 20’s – 40’s. Willy’s mistress when Happy and Biff were in high school, she appears in flashbacks. The Woman’s attention and admiration boost Willy’s fragile ego.

Howard Wagner –  Age range 30’s – 40’s. Willy’s boss who inherited the company from his father, and though much younger than Willy, treats Willy with condescension.

Stanley – Age range – flexible. A waiter at Frank’s Chop House. who seems to be an acquaintance of Happy.

Miss Forsythe and Letta –  Age range 20’s – 30’s. Two young women whom Happy and Biff meet at Frank’s Chop House.

Jenny –  Age range – flexible Charley’s secretary.

If you have any questions, or cannot make these dates but would like to audition, please contact Mary Powers or leave a message at the theater, 810-750-7700.