Almost, Maine

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  • March 23-24 @ 7pm
  • March 25 @ 2pm


  • Stage: Second
  • Rating:
  • Genre: Comedic Drama
  • Author: John Cariani

Almost, Maine

"Almost, Maine" is a play comprised of nine shorter plays. It deals with themes of love and loss in a small Maine town named Almost. It premiered in 2004 to critical acclaim. The play is a story of love and the way it hurts and heals the people of in a small town so far north in the USA that it’s “almost” Canada. It features a multitude of characters, but a curious format. Each scene is a separate vignette and none of the characters appear again. Red bags, heart paintings, a missing shoe—every object in the play is a physical representation of the choices the characters are making when it comes to love. The play is fantastical as things that shouldn’t happen very obviously do. Love cannot manifest as a diamond ring, and yet it does. A person doesn’t drastically change physically from lack of hope, but a man does in this play. These things are visual reminders of how love can make us feel.